Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here is the fall schedule for each of our teams. We will have the schedule also posted on the website. We have worked long and hard on this schedule and these are the hours that work best for our teachers. We are so excited for this next year and know that it will be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone.

Just a reminder to all!!! Remember to come to class dressed in your black dance attire and hair pulled back in a bun. All teams need to have their hair in a bun, Mini teams, Jr. Teams, and Sr. Teams. We have had many girls coming to dance with no bun. You need to bring ALL required shoe attire to every class(Foot Undees,Ballet Shoe,Jazz Shoe, Tap Shoe,etc) because you will be working on all dance techniques. Please look at your packets to know exactly which shoe attire is required for your particular class level. Showing up without required attire will result in a tardy.

We have been watching the Sr. Express girls dance, and feel they are doing so well that we are moving them up a level to the Jr. Extreme team. So from this day forward they wil be joined with this team. Summer dance is 4:30-6:30 on Thursdays. Sr. Express girls will also need tap shoes for this new team. Please come to the office and get sized for tap shoes if you have not yet done so.

Mini Express Team): Wednesday 4:00-5:00 Studio #2
Friday 2:30-3:30 Studio #1

Mini Extreme Team): Wednesday 5:00-6:00 Studio#2
Friday 3:30-4:30 Studio #1

Mini Elite Team): Wednesday 6:00-7:30 Studio #2
Friday 4:30-6:00 Studio #1

Jr. Express Team): Tuesday 4:00-5:30 Studio #2
Friday 4:30-6:00 Studio #2

Jr. Extreme/Sr. Express Team(Now Jr. Extreme): Monday 4:15-6:15 Studio #2
Thursday 5:45-7:45 Studio #1
Jr. Extreme also has an extra optional TAP practice wih JR. Elite on Thursday 5:15-5:45 Studio #2
(There is no extra charge for this class just added time to help with Tap Technique)

Jr. Elite Team): Monday 5:30-8:00 Studio #1 & #2
Tuesday 5:30-8:00 Studio #2
Thursday 4:15-6:45 Studio #2
Jr. Elite also has an extra optional TAP practice wih JR. Extreme on Monday 5:00-5:30 Studio #2
(There is no extra charge for this class just added time to help with Tap Technique)

Sr. Extreme Team): Monday 5:30-8:00 Studio #1 & #2
Thursday 5:45-8:15 Studio #2
Saturday 9:00am-11:30am Studio #2

For those interested in adding a Tumbling class here are the class times: We recommend taking tumbling because many dances use tumbling techniques at times with their choreography.

Intermediate Tumbling Monday 8:00-9:00 (You need to be able to do backhandsprings to be in this class)

Beginning Tumbling Ages 6yrs-9yrs Friday 2:30-3:30

Beginning Tumbling Ages 9yrs~up Friday 3:30-4:30
*** Jr Express Team, Jr. Extreme girls, Jr. Elite, & Sr. Extreme girls that do not qualify for Intermediate Tumbling on Monday, can take this class.

Mini Express Team: Those that want tumbling for this class our Wednesday & Thursday Morning Tumbling Classes work for you.

For those that are in Afternoon Kindergarten you will want Wednesday & Thursday 11:30-12:15 (Thursday 11:30-12:15 is FULL)

For Those that are in Morning Kindergarten you will want Wednesday & Thursday 12:15-1:00

Thank You!!!
Davis Dance Academy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009-2010 Competition Teams

CONGRATULATIONS on making the Davis Dance Academy 2009-2010 Competition Companys! We are looking forward to a great year of fun, friendship, and memories! Here are the new teams:
* Please note we did not make the teams according to friendships or carpools so if you would like to move down a team to accomodate these things you may but you cannot move up.
Mini Company

Mini Elite Team (1 1/2 hrs 2x a week/2 dances):
Brooklyn M. #32
Karissa M. #39
Elizabeth A. #42
Samantha G. #45
Halle H. #29
Mckenzie M. #35
Sadie P. #40
Alexa H. #9
Syrena H. # 10

Ambree H. # 4

Mini Extreme Team (1 hr 2x a week/1 dance):
Christina L. #36
Emma R. #41
Abigail D. #38
Aleksandra W. #7
Chloe S. #44
Ashley D. #28
Millicent B. #22
Mekella M. #21
Elle A. #43
Brooklyn O. #53
Afton M. #37

Mia S.

Mini Express Team (1 hr 2x a week/1 dance):
Hailey T. #15

Camryn C. #20
Rachel H. #19
Elliotte R. #33
Kimberly G. #46
Kate H. #26
Madeline R. #18
Katie H. #25
Andrena B. #16
Ellie M. #24

Morgan M. #27

Karly L. #17

Junior Company
Junior Elite Team (2 1/2 hrs 3x a week/3 dances):
Alex A. #83
Alyssa P. #67
Hannah H. #68
Taylor D. #51
Madison M. 49
Sydney F. #47
Lonica J. #48
Madison J. #58
Amanda M. #50
Sierra J. # 52
Lily St. C. #1
Junior Extreme Team (2 hrs 2x a week/3 dances):
Samantha V. #11
Harmony H. #55
Megan S. #59
Isabell D. #56
Taylor J. #57
Morgan J. #60
Hailey O. #54
Abbey H. #14
Felicity M. #2
Kaitlyn C. #8
Ashley H. # 12
Junior Express Team (1 1/2 hrs 2x a week/2 dances):
Abby H. #34
Rebecca H. #30
Katerina W. #6
Hailey Y. #61
Savanna H. #64
Emily M. #62
Hayley L. #63
Jordyn M. #31
Rylee C. #65
Joclyn P. #69
Shaylee H. #3
Katlyn G. #66
Mckinley M. #13
Senior Company
Senior Extreme Team (2 1/2 hrs 3x a week/3 dances):
Aubrie S. #78
Chelsey C. #82
Ashlie E. #77
Megan S. #76
Ellie R. #75
Kinsey P. #74
Krishna W. #73
Aubrey P. # 72
Tessa W. #71
Hali G. #5
Senior Express Team (1 1/2 hrs 2x a week/2 dances):
Megan M. #84
Patricia T. #81
Anna Elise L. #80
Jacqueline C. #79
Brianna B. #70
* Parent Meeting is Tuesday the 16th at 7:00pm at Studio 2. Bring your dancer with you so they can meet their new team members! We will be handing out folders with information on the upcoming dance season and what is expected on each team. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please make an extra effort to make it to the meeting. This will help keep you, your dancer, and your insructor on the same track for the season.
Summer Dance Schedule
Mini Express Thursday 4:00-5:00pm
Mini Extreme Thursday 5:00-6:00pm
Mini Elite Thursday 6:00-7:30pm
Junior Express Thursday 3:00-4:30pm
Junior Extreme Thursday 4:30-6:30pm
Junior Elite Thursday 6:30-9:00pm
Senior Extreme Monday 7:00-9:30pm
Senior Express Thursday 3:00-4:30pm

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Juniors Please Watch

Okay Juniors it is time to really start working on our turns. If these girls can do it than so can you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey girls, I have some fun homework for you to do over the Christmas break.

First of all I want you to All come back with your right splits down. I know it won't be easy. But, if you will practice EVERYDAY I know you can do it.

Second I want you to practice these two combinations. They are a little tricky so I have videos of them for you to watch.

Third: I need you to work on your turns. Please practice your PIROUETTE and CHAINE, FAN, ILLUSION at least 5 times a day.

And Last, PLEASE run your dances. We will only have a few practices before the recital and I want you to really look polished and beautiful.

Thank you for being such dedicated dancers. This team is AWESOME!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's Party

We all had a blast at our Mini and Mini Extreme Team parties.
The girls had fun giving and getting presents.

And eating yummy Christmas treats.
We are really starting to look and act like a team.
We have worked so hard over the past few weeks it was fun to take a little break and just enjoy each other.Remember girls Attitude is Everything!

I love you and am so proud of everyone. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Senior Contest!

We have amazing compeition teams this year. All of the girls get along so well and are such great friends even outside of dance! Which it shows in dance class as well because all they want to do is talk! Especially our seniors So we had to come up with some type of motivator. What could you do to motivate 16 year old girls? Well freeze dance works 3 and 4 year olds, candy works for anyone under the age of 10...and we had to make it worth it all year long. So we reached a conclusion: All 16 year old girls LOVE clothes! Why not give a gift card to the mall?!

Here's how it works: Whichever girl has the most points by our first competition wins. How do you get points you ask? Well it's pretty simple really...

1. Come to class. The girls have decided that you are only allowed 2 excused absences. Each time you come to class you get 10 points. If you miss even if they are your excused absences you still won't get the points.

2. Wear the right dance attire. You have to wear black, with your hair back and bangs out of your face. The girls decided that at the last practice of each month you get to wear whatever you want! If they come with their right dance attire they get another 10 points.

3. Be to class on time. If they come on time they get another 10 points.

4. Daily Sit Ups. As a team, the girls decided they wanted stronger abs (which make stronger dancers). They have already made a team pact to eat healthy but they are taking it further. Everday they have to do about 15-20 minutes of straight ab crunches and sit ups. If they do this everyday they get 50 points a week.

5. Extra. If we have any extra practices, dress rehearsals, activities...anything, they can earn extra points!

We are very excited about this and so are the girls! The winner will be announced in March! Good luck girls!

Monday, October 6, 2008


The Senior Team are all really good friends and they decided to have a sleepover at the studio! It started with dinner at Wendy's then we were off to the Davis High Football game where we all (Tiffiny, Miss Brittney, Megan, Tessa, Ashlie, Hali, Kinsey, Courtney & 2 of our Junior Extreme dancers: Aubrie and Brielle) went to support Chelsey and watch her cheer! She was definantly the best on the squad! She did a great job!
After Miss Brittney took the girls to Bowmans to get some treats for the sleepover! We split into teams and played a game: Each team had to find treats that spelled the word DANCE and bring them to Miss Brittney. The first team back won! Congrats Courtney, Hali and Ashlie!
After that we had to do some cartwheels in the deserted parking lot on our way back to the studio. Everyone got in their pj's and we played some Catchphrase (we had tons of fun with this one) and danced of course! Then we all loaded up into Tiffiny and Miss Brittney's cars and went to the Castle Park to play some capture the flag! We played until 1:30am! It was a blast! Then everyone decided to go to WalMart and play around there! Then it was to Smiths for some food...with a chinese firedrill somewhere along the way, and back to the studio for more games and fun! Miss Brittney left at 4:30am and the girls were still up and laughing their heads off! It was such a fun night! Thanks to everyone for a fun time!